Spring is… all about pastels

Hey Hey!

Ich war leider in letzter Zeit etwas abwesend und habe nicht viel von mir hören lassen. Zum neuen Semester war viel los in den Einführungswochen. Aber zurück zum Thema: Pastellfarben. Ich finde sie einfach perfekt für den Frühling. Dunkle Töne, Metallic und Leder gehören meiner Meinung nach in die kälteren Monate. Pastellfarben hingegen sind so leicht und positiv. Im Prinzip liegt man mit hellen Rosa-, Grün- und Blautönen nie falsch. Besonders Zara bietet momentan sehr viele pastelfarbene Accessoires an. Wie gefällt euch der Look? xx

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  1. „Coral blue suede“ basket sneaker – Puma – shop similar here.
  2. Clutch „glitzy pochette“ – Accessorize – shop here.
  3. Leather jacket light blue – Zara – shop here.
  4. Tanktop aus Krepp – Tommy Hilfiger – shop here.
  5. Sunnies in roségold – sassyclassy – shop here.
  6. Samthalsband – Accessorize – shop here.
  7. Velourledertasche – Zara- shop here.


Hey guys!

I have been a little absent lately due to university. There was a lot going on in introductory weeks. It’s the kind of time, where so many things come together in such a small amount of time. Can be hard sometimes to handle that! Nonetheless, I really want to keep on track with the blog. Since I haven’t posted so much yet.

This post will be all about pastels. I think they are the perfect colour scheme for spring! In general pastels express such a facility. Their light shades just give you a feeling of not having to carry so much weight. While some clothes can feel heavy or like a burden. Even though leather, metallic and black has its own effect, I always feel like that brings me down sometimes. So when in winter, my mood immediately matches with the dark shades. Whereas in spring you just want to express how happy you are, that all those dark days are finally over. Long story short… I’ve picked some pieces from different brands for you. They are easy to combine with and there’s very little you can do wrong by that. Please let me hear what you think. xx

Lech am Arlberg – Austria

It’s so beautiful here in Lech, Austria. The sun’s shining, the air is clear. The hotel we’re staying in is so nice. The food tastes like heaven. Since we arrived here yesterday by plane and it’s the end of the season, the snow is mostly melted. We had to take the higher located slopes for skiing properly. Otherwise it’s way too itchy! 

After a long, first day there’s nothing better than taking off your fully sweated clothes, taking a shower and just laying down in bed. 

Lech, St. Anton, and generally this area is one of the biggest ski areas in the Alpes. Sadly, there’s so little snow. 

I’m definitely going for a walk trough the city centre and will be happy to show you some impressions later on. First you can see the latest pictures from this winter vacay. ⛷🎿💗 

The most beautiful thing – besides the active part of skiing -is to enjoy the stunning landscape. It leaves me speechless sometimes… to be able to get so close to nature. Actually to evolve as a part of the sublime mountains.

Über mich


First things first: Before I am going to start my blog, I’d like to shortly introduce myself. My name is Theresa. I am 21 years old and am originally from Lübeck. I am now living in Hamburg, northern Germany. For so long I’ve been dreaming to start my own blog…

Zuerst einmal möchte ich mich selbst vorstellen, bevor ich mit meinem Blog starte. Ich heiße Theresa, bin 21 Jahre alt und  komme aus Lübeck, einer kleinen norddeutschen Stadt an der Ostsee. Schon viele Jahre träume ich davon, einen eigenen Blog zu starten…